My personal favorite places in Washington, D.C.

I spent about 3 weeks in Washington D.C. during the month of February, and I’ve had quite a lot of time to visit all of the sightseeing places. Here I’d like to introduce my top 3 favorite places:

1. Thomas Jefferson Memorial

This memorial is definitely my favorite out of all of the historical sites! Although I believe the most popular memorial is the Lincoln memorial and it is very beautiful, I personally liked this one much more since there were a lot less tourists here and I loved the view of the lake. (And I believe there are not a lot of tourists here because the location is a little bit tricky.)

Although it is not the same in pictures, the view was absolutely beautiful, and I wish I could have been here for the cherry blossoms. Downstairs of the statue is a museum (though I have forgotten to take pictures!) where you get to know more about Thomas Jefferson, and I enjoyed it very much.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

701 E Basin Dr SW, Washington, DC 20242, USA

+1 202-426-6841


2. Georgetown

Georgetown is located in the east of the central D.C., and the street is just so pretty that I had to take pictures as soon as I arrived!

The Main Street is filled with cafes, restaurants and shops where you can enjoy a stroll around. Of course there is also Georgetown University. The campus and the surrounding area is gorgeous.

Georgetown University campus

Such pretty flower shop!

You can also walk down to the river side where you can find a little mall with a view. Perfect place for a night walk!

Bar nearby the river. This fire and the whole atmosphere was perfect!

3. Adams Morgan

This is an area filled with bars, restaurants and clubs! As I had an impression that Washington D.C. was such a classy and elegant city, it was interesting for me to see the nightlife here where a lot of younger people gather. There also seem to be quite a few gay bars (the one we went to was also a gay bar!) and I had an interesting experience.

Though it seemed there was a lot of nightlife going on there, the most memorable place was this pizza restaurant!

We went into this restaurant because we saw someone taking pictures with themselves outside. We thought it was weird as this is not such a pretty place to take photos at. We went in, and the pizza was definitely the best American pizza I’ve ever had! One slice is about 6-7 dollars, and it makes you full.

Jumbo Slice Pizza

2341 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA

+1 202-234-9700

4. Tyson’s Galleria

If you are looking for a good shopping place, this is definitely the place to be. Though I thought I have been to most of the big malls on the east coast, this I believe was by far the biggest!!!! You can easily spend the entire day in this area.

The coffee shop inside was very cute!

There are tons of shops, high brand stores, restaurants with cinema. The area consists of a few different malls, and is located in Tysons, VA. It is accessible by train or Uber from the D.C. area.

Tysons Corner Center

1961 Chain Bridge Rd, Tysons, VA 22102, USA

+1 703-893-9400

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