Singapore travel

After Christmas, I flew to Singapore to visit my parents. My father was transferred to the office there in 2017, and they have been enjoying their new life since then.

For me, it sometimes feels strange as I am from Japan, but at the moment I do not even have a place to stay there!! (Though I could stay with my younger sister, she lives in a very small apartment in Tokyo.) But I am always happy to visit my parents and explore the beautiful country of Singapore with sunny weather 🙂

This was already my 4th time to visit Singapore and I’d say I’ve been to most of the must-go places.

I arrived on 31st December 2018 around 9pm(!) just before the countdown. We headed to an area near where the fireworks can be seen. The fireworks are nice, but just wished we bought some beer beforehand!

I flew with Qatar airline for the first time and I must say it was one of the best!


On the first day of January, our tradition is to still eat the traditional Japanese food, which makes me happy 🙂

On the 2nd day, I went to eat my favorite food with my best friend, yes, Ramen!! We both ordered ramen and rice with natto… though you might think this is a lot of food and carbs, it was just the right amount of food, as the food portion in Singapore is very small!

After ramen, we went to a rooftop bar and the view was very nice! Definitely one of the best I’ve visited. This place is a nice restaurant but also is a brewery with the view!


8 Marina Blvd, #33-01, Singapore 018981

+65 6834 3133

With my parents, I went to the bird park for the first time and we enjoyed the show where the birds sing songs and do lots of cool activities!!

The whole bird park is very big and enjoyed waking around for some nice pictures! There is an area where you can also feed the birds. Unfortunately there were not a lot of birds in the feeding area at the time of my visit :/ But this park really holds a variety of birds, and the nature around it is also great.

Jurong Bird Park

2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925

+65 6269 3411

Google map

Another day, I went to the beach at Sentosa island for the first time. Though it was nice, I must say that the beach is very artificial and unfortunately does not look so good in pictures either :/

One of my favorite things to do when I am in Singapore is to take pictures in front of my parents’ condominium. It is always so nice to be back here with the pool on the background 🙂

Little India is one of my parents’ favorite places, and they enjoy going to this Indian restaurant where you can also enjoy playing pool! Although the food in Singapore is expensive in general, this place is very very affordable, and you can enjoy curry, nun and beer for around 10-15 SGD per person! (which is quite hard to do in Singapore..)

Sitara Restaurant (on the 2nd floor of the building)

291 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218107

+65 6291 3211

I spent the next few days doing some work at home and going out to dinner with my parents. I went to the China town for the first time and enjoyed the stroll around.

On my last day in Singapore, I went to enjoy some tea and pastry at the famous TWG tea shop. They have over 300 kinds of tea to choose from! The portion is quite a lot, and  I would say that two kinds of tea for 3 people could be enough.

Of course, I wanted to end my last day with some good food… My parents and I decided to go to a yakitori (Japanese meat sticks) restaurant near Boat Quay. The food was good and authentic. We also enjoyed the view of the river.

It was such a nice family time overall that I missed being abroad, and I already look forward to coming here again next December!

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